August 19, 2011

Summer this year was ferocious, full of worldwide heat waves and rave riots in Hollywood (pictured above) and hockey riots in Vancouver and opportunistic consumer riots in London and more legitimate civil unrest on several continents and the discovery of running salt water on Mars by a college sophomore and imaginary stress from stock market crashes and real stress from salary cuts and slashed budgets and various pestilent plagues and signs in front of the downtown L.A. Walgreen’s screaming “SCABIES TREATMENT HERE!” in bold red letters. This mix is intended for a slowly cooling back porch at 7 p.m., just after the sun goes down, just before your best friend comes over and says, “It’s gonna get better, girl. Ride it out.” and then hands you a cold beer and sets up a slip-n-slide in the backyard and offers to buy you fish tacos.


1. Azeda Booth - “Big Fists”

2. The Comsat Angels - “Independence Day”

3. Heaven 17 - “Geisha Boys and Temple Girls” 

4. Material - “Secret Life”

5. Small Factory - “Pretending It’s Sunny”

6. Diego Morales - “A Favor de la Critica”

7. Charly Garcia - “No Soy un Extrano”

8. Jellica and Joss Manley - “18affta”

9. Kool Skull - “Crazy Bus”

10. Tshetsha Boys - “Uya Kwihi Ka Rose”

11. All Tiny Creatures - “Glass Bubbles”

12. Cordycep - “Ten Years”

13. Electronic - “Getting Away With It”

14. Kyocera Buscoder - “Mexican Cat Alarm”

15. Blonde Redhead - “Bipolar”

I also included a new Emperor X track called “Erica Western Teleport” in the .zip file. Summer 2011. 25 days left. Go have fun.

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    This summer was pretty tight. I can’t wait to see what fall has in store.
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